Some Destinations Must Be Visit if You Are Going to Pontianak

Welcome to Pontianak!! Pontianak (Jawi: ڤونتيانق‎, Chinese: 坤甸市; pinyin: Kūn diān shì) is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan. It is a large trading port city on the island of Borneo.

Pontianak occupies an area of 107.82 km² in the delta of the Kapuas River. It is located almost precisely on the equator, hence it is widely known as Kota Khatulistiwa (Equator City). The city center is actually less than 3 kilometres (2 mi) south. And this is some place that must be visit if you are going to Pontianak:

Pontianak City

1. Pontianak Mujahidin Mosque

Pontianak Mujahidin Mosque is one of the mosque which is the pride of not only Muslims but also the people in West Kalimantan. This mosque was established in 1974 during the reign of West Borneo governer. H. Jodaoesno and inaugurated by President of Indonesia, Soekarno at 23 October 1978.

Mujahidin Mosque

Mujahidin became one of the religious center for Muslims in Pontianak City because the mosque is so wide, so it can accommodate the number of large congregations and the location of the mosque is in the middle of the city.

2. Cathedral St.Joseph Church

Cathedral St.Joseph Church

The church named is the Cathedral Church of St. Joseph and the oldest church in West Kalimantan. Currently, the church is being renovated because the of building could no longer accommodate the number of the church who will praying.

3. Monastery Vajra Bumi Kertayuga

West Kalimantan province now has the largest Tantric Buddhist monastery in the country, which stands majestically on Arteri Supadio street, Pontianak regency. Buddhist Vihara named Vajra Bumi Kertayoga (filled with real rewards like diamond) with large 1.800 square meters is to be attractive because of it’s architecture resembles the temple of Tibet.

Monastery Vajra Bumi Kertayuga

The uniqueness from the temple is seen on top of the gate is characterized by a pair of reindeer ornament, heriloom stocks, and the wheel of dharma. Overall, the model was taken from the arch architecture building in the Chiang Kai Sek Taipei, Taiwan. After entering the gade, which is also interisting is the statue of Goddess Kwan Ien as high as seven meters on the right side of the temple. This statue symbolizes the giver of blessings to the Mayapada Word.
While on the left three is a pagoda which is taken from the typical architecture of pagodas in Tibet. In addition, the left side of this temple, the temple also stands a beautiful and huge and named Maha Vihara Maitreya.

4. Radakng House

Radakng home is term for longhouse of Dayak Kanayatn ethnic in the province of West Kalimantan. The biggest traditional house of Dayak in Borneo “radakng” inaugurated by the governor of West Borneo, Drs. Conelis, MH.

Radakng House

Attended by hundred of invitation, both local and foreign, traditional house which has length 138 meters and height 7 meters it will be the cultural center of people, especially for Dayak Ethnic from West Kalimantan.
That inaugurated also marked the opening of Gawai Dayak XXVII in 2013. The governor of West Borneo, Drs. Cornelis, MH said, Radakng not only be the center of cultural development in the people but be the center of arts funnel and culture creative aspirations.

5. Souvenir Center

This place is located in Jalan Pattimura, right in the center of the city of Pontianak. There are souvenir shops selling foods and goods typical of Borneo. There are several stores that sell specialty items such as souvenirs from West Borneo like a cloth, beaded handbag, necklace and bracelet from natural stone. The price offered is almost the same, we just have to be very clever bid. Most stores give price is negotiable.

Souvenir Center

One from a lot of thing most searched by tourist is beaded bag. The price is quite expensive, but it’s beautiful from and motive that should not be missed of course, to buy foods.There are many food stores available here. One of the most distinctive food is processed aloe vera, lempok durian, amplang, and “ikan asin” or salted fish.

6. Kapuas River

The Kapuas River (or Kapueas River) is a river in the Indonesian part of Borneo island, at the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia. At 1.143 kilometers (710 mil) in length, is is the longest river of Indonesia and one of the world’s longest island rivers.

kapuas river

It originates in the Muller mountain range at the center of the island and flows west into the South China Sea creating an extended marshy delta. The delta is located west-southwest of Pontianak the capital of West Kalimantan province. This Kapuas River should be ditingushed from another Kapuas River, which starts on the other side of the same mountain range in central Borneo, but flows to the south merying with Barito River and sichraging into the Java Sea.

7. Equatorial Monument

The monument building consists of 4 pieces of wood milestone purchases (iron wood), each 0.30 meters in diameter, with a height of milestones by the two front height of 3.05 meters and a milestone in the back of a circle and arrow pointing toward as high as 4,40 meters.

Equatorial Monument

The diameter of the circle in the middle there are the words EVENAAR that have 2.11 meters long. We’re not just going to wallcha monument that stands proudly at the equator. Every March and September there will be a very bus activity to greeting the culmination point. When there is a culmination, shadow from everyone who was there will disappear for a few monuments. It usually occurs between 21-23 March and September.

Kapuas Park

This recreational park is located at Jalan Usman Rahadi, exactly in front of the mayor’s Office. In the afternoon, while standing at the edge of the garden fence, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Kapuas River and passing canoe feeying passengers. At night, while sitting cross-legged with another, visitors can enjoy the charm of this area, see the lights from the houses across the river which emit a bright light across the river.

Kapuas Park

Kapuas park is located in the center of Pontianak city and be passed by public transportation route of taxi, so that visitors can access it easily from all corners of the city of Pontianak.

Enjoy Pontianak

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