You definitely know, There Some Monuments in Pontianak City Are Very Famous

Like another Country in Indonesia in Pontianak there are also many monuments. The most famous of course is Khatulistiwa Monument and Digulist Monument.

1. Khatulistiwa Monument (Tugu Khatulistiwa)

Khatulistiwa Monument (Source :

Khatulistiwa Monument or Equator Monument located in Khatulistiwa Street Kel. Batu Layang North of Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province. The 25.5 meter high monument was built in 1990 and The located at about 3 km from the city center Pontianak to Mempawah City. This monument is one of Icon Tour Pontianak City and always be visited people, especially tourists who come to Pontianak City.

This monument is a duplicate of the original monument inside the dome at the bottom of the monument. Monument seemed now was inaugurated on 21st September 1991 by the governor of West Kalimantan Mr.H.Parjoko.S . The original monument that has been made since 1928. This monument became a placemark Equator crossing the city of Pontianak.

2. Digulist Monument

Eleven monuments Digulist West Kalimantan, also known as Digulist monument or monument or monument roundabout Bamboo Runcing Untan by local residents, is a monument located in the Roundabout University Tanjongpura, Jalan Jend. Ahmad Yani, Village Bansir Sea, District Southeast Pontianak, Pontianak.

Monument Dgulist Pontianak

This monument was established as a memorial to the struggle eleven leaders in West Kalimantan, which are dumped into Digoel, West Irian fearing their movement would trigger a revolt against the Dutch government in Kalimantan. Three of the eleven characters die in exile in Digoel and five of them died in Pontianak incident. The names of the eleven figures are now enshrined as well as the name of the street in the city of Pontianak. Eleventh fighters, among others:

  1. Achmad Marzuki, from Pontianak, died of an illness and was buried in the family tomb;
  2. Su’ud bin Bilal Achmad, Ngabang origin, died in Pontianak incident;
  3. Gusti Djohan Idrus, Ngabang origin, died in exile in Digoel;
  4. Gusti Hamzah, Ketapang origin, died in Pontianak incident;
  5. Gusti Moehammad Situt Machmud, gabang origin, died in Pontianak incident;
  6. Gusti Soeloeng Lelanang, Ngabang origin, died in Pontianak incident;
  7. Jeranding Sari Sawang Amasundin or Jeranding Abdurrahman, origin Melapi, Kapuas Hulu, died of illness in Putussibau.
  8. Haji Rais bin H. Abdurahman, Ngabang origin, died in Pontianak incident;
  9. Moehammad Hambal or Bung Tambal, Ngabang origin, died in exile in Digoel;
  10. Moehammad Sohor, Ngabang origin, died in exile in Digoel; and
  11. Ya ‘Moehammad Sabran, Ngabang origin, died of illness

3. Pontianak 1771 Monument Kota Baru

Pontianak 1771 Monument Kota Baru Pontianak

Its official name is not known. There is no description whatsoever around the monument unless the opening is signed by the Mayor of Pontianak H. Sutarmidji, SH M.Hum. on May 17, 2010. In the inscriptions themselves are not written the monument name. In addition to the inscriptions, there are two pillars depicting the logo of Holcim indicating the monument built by the company.

This monument known as Monument Circle New Town (Kota Baru).

4. The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower Pontianak

The clock tower is very unique. I don’t know what the meaning of his philosophy from this monument, however fleeting particles similar to the arrangement of atoms in chemistry lessons. Unfortunately, the clock has a dozen years has never functioned more. This Monument the located in Pak Kasih Street Pontianak City.

5. Monument Dynamics to The Top

Monument Dynamic to The Top Pontianak

Despite the unique shape, the appearance of this monument is not so obvious. Billboards are very large and very striking nearby as if to cover the existence of this monument.

So, let know him, maybe a lot of people are not aware of the existence of this monument. At its foundation are writing to blur. In addition, writing as follows:




6. Pancasila Monument (Tugu Pancasila)

Pancasila Monument Pontianak

Tugu Pancasila is a monument in memory of the fighters who died. At the location of this monument are the victims of aggression Japanese monument that was built by relatives of the victims. Japanese Aggression, chaired by Mohammad Sjarief Demang, and was inaugurated by the Governor General H.J. van Mook on May 12, 1947. The monument was destroyed in May 1965 and replaced with a monument now

7. Adipura Monument

Adipura Monument Pontianak

Monument token of appreciation from the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 1993 to the city of Pontianak as a clean city. This monument is Adipura first and only ever received Pontianak.

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