The Best Christmas Spot in Southeast Asia

Christmas is coming. And yes, the end of year holiday has arrived. Some may spend their holidays in their homes, playing multiplayer games in their smartphones. But others may spend their time paying visits to various places around the world.

There are numerous destinations where you can spend Christmas merrily. But you don’t need to go to European Christmas markets to spend Christmas.

The following locations are some of the best locations to spend Christmas in Southeast Asia:

1. Singapore

Despite its size, this compact country located just south of Malaysia has a lot to offer during Christmas. The Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s most visited attractions, will be decorated with fancy Christmas décor. You can definitely feel that “Christmassy” atmosphere.

Oh yes, do we mention that “snow” falls from the skies here as well?

2. Bali, Indonesia

Yes, no passports needed for this one. If you are a private kind of guy, you can celebrate Christmas in your private villa in Sanur, Lovina or Nusa Dua. If you are a social butterfly, pay a visit to Kuta, and enjoy its beaches and surf, if you want to.

3. Thailand

Numerous travelers from around the world have enjoyed partying in Bangkok on Christmas Eve. If you are tired of the city, escape to Koh Phi Phi, where you can relax on white sandy beaches while overlooking the blue sea.

4. Vietnam

With its breath-taking scenery and atmosphere, Halong Bay is unlike any other place in the world. This place has been on many traveler’s bucket list for several years. If stony islands are not your thing, try Phu Quoc. Its beautifully white sands and azure seas will definitely leave you speechless.

5. Cambodia

No talk about Cambodia is complete without Angkor Wat. This 12th Century Hindu-Buddhist temple is immense, and leave an impression for everyone. If temples aren’t your thing, try Siem Reap. Even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, this bustling city has numerous activities to keep you occupied during the holidays.

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