Safety Riding is Number One Priority

In this 21st century, transportation is very important for all people around the world, especially students and travelers like me. For higher secondary students, transportation, especially motorcycles, is so much important to help them accomplish their duties, such as going to school, doing projects after school time, and so on.

Probably, their parents can still take them to school but not for doing projects after school time. Their parents do not have 24 hours to take them to any places they need to do the projects. In this case, depending on their parents is not a good option.

However, allowing higher secondary students to ride motorbikes to school cannot guarantee their safety. So, for this sake, I choose not to agree if higher secondary students ride motorbikes to school. The first reason for that is those higher secondary students do not have any driving licenses.

A driving license is only for persons who have reached 17 years old and whose emotion has been stable, and it is absolutely not for higher secondary students. Riding a motorbike without a driving license is very dangerous, either for their safety or for other people’s. That’s why the Indonesian government applies the age rule for the driving license.

The percentage of students who died because of street accidents is about 30%, and it will absolutely increase if they still dare to ride motorbikes to school. This percentage should be a lesson for all parents to stop their children from riding motorbikes.

Parents should protect their children that is the point. They have to be aware that students are the next generation in Indonesia. If it is wiped away because of their negligence, it would be a waste.

What do you need to follow and wear? And how does it save you?

1. Helmet

Every rider is required to wear a helmet when driving anywhere and anytime, besides that it serves to protect the head in the event of an accident, wearing an SNI standard helmet can also protect you from the scorching heat of the sun and rain.

2. Jacket

Next is the jacket, this apparel also has a very important function when driving, namely for body protection. In addition to protecting you from direct sun exposure during the day, the jacket also functions to hold your body temperature at night when the weather is cold or when it is raining.

3. Use Indicators

Please avoid the habit of using your hand as the indicator. Every bike or scooter is manufactured with an integrated indicator for a purpose, it will be easier for the person coming behind you to judge your actions. It will only take a second to move the button which can reduce several accidents, especially during a lane change.

4. Look For Weather

Pay utmost attention and be extremely careful while riding under rainy conditions and slippery roads, as the tire width for a motorcycle is less and can lead to a skid under mild braking conditions too. 

5. Look For Hazards On The Road

Most of the roads will have hazards, such as no free left, speed breaker ahead, etc. Make sure you have a small eye on them, it can come into a great help in reducing the probability of a crash. Speed breaker signs are to be noted with care, ramming the bike at a high speed on a speed breaker can cause a severe accident.

Stay Safe, Ride Hard, Ride Safe. So, always remember Safety Riding is your Number One Priority ❤️.

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