Soal Pilihan Ganda Tentang HTML (Versi Bahasa Inggris)

Kalau sebelumnya nulis tentang 50 Soal Pilihan Ganda Tentang HTML beserta Kunci Jawabannya (Versi Bahasa Indonesia). Kali ini saya mau share lagi soal yang mungkin bisa menjadi acuan pemilihan soal tentang bahasa pemrograman HTML sekaligus belajar bahasa inggris, hehe.

Belajar bahasa inggris sambil belajar coding menuru saya penting sekali, soalnya beberapa sebagian besar bahasa yang dipakai dalam pemrograman pasti dari bahasa inggris bukan bahasa indonesia, ini tentu akan merangsang anak untuk terlatih dalam bahasa inggris terutama inggrisnya komputer.

  1. What programming language is used to create a website?
    a. Visual Basic
    b. HTML
    c. CSS
    d. Pascal
    e. C++
  2. What does HTML stand for?
    a. HyperText Makeup Language
    b. HyperText Markup Language
    c. HyperType Markup Language
    d. HighText Markup Language
    e. HyperType Makeup Language
  3. Tag is used to start …
    a. Header
    b. Page
    c. Paragraph
    d. Hyperlink
    e. Title
  4. What tag is used to indicate the biggest heading?
    a. <h1>
    b. <h2>
    c. <h3>
    d. <h4>
    e. <h5>
  5. How do you close an HTML tag?
    a. <>
    b. <\>
    c. {}
    d. <!
    e. </>
  6. Does the <br> and tag need to have an end tag?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. Maybe
    d. I don’t know
  7. Where are the <html> and </html> tags used?
    a. <html> at the beginning. </html> at the end
    b. </html> at the beginning. <html> at the end
    c. Both go at the beginning of the document
    d. Both go at the end of the document
  8. What tag is used for displaying all content on the webpage?
    a. <head>
    b. <body>
    c. <vis>
    d. <p>
    e. <title>
  9. HTML tag for inserting a line break
    a. <break>
    b. <lb>
    c. <br>
    d. <LineBreak>
  10. HTML code for adding a red background color to a webpage
    a. <body bg=“red”>
    b. <background=“red”>
    c. <body bgcolor=“red”>
    d. <background>red</background>
  11. HTML tag for creating a hyperlink
    a. <a name=“”>Click Here</a>
    b. <a href=“”>Click Here</a>
    c. <a src=“”>Click Here</a>
    d. <a>“”</a>
  12. Which character is used to indicate an end tag?
    a. @
    b. =
    c. “”
    d. /
    e. #
  13. Which of these are all elements?
    a. <table><tr><td>
    b. <table><tr><tt>
    c. <table><title><td>
    d. <table><head><td>
  14. Tag used to make a numbered list?
    a. <ul>
    b. <dl>
    c. </nl>
    d. <ol>
    e. <li>
  15. What is cell padding?
    a. Used to define space between cells wall and its contents
    b. Used to set space between cells
    c. Used to add cell in a table
    d. Increases cell’s width
  16. Each list item in an ordered or unordered list has which tag?
    a. <li>
    b. <ls>
    c. <numbers>
    d. <items>
  17. What will TITLE produce in HTML coding?
    a. TITLE formatted as heading 1
    b. TITLE italicized
    c. TITLE formatted as heading 1, centered
    d. nothing
  18. Which will background color in an HTML doc?
    a. <color=“pink></color=“pink”>
    b. <colorbbg=“pink”>
    c. <body bgcolor=“pink”>
    d. none of these
  19. Which code is correct to add font color?
    a. <<p style=color:blue>BLUE</font>
    b. <p style=“color:blue”>BLUE</font>
    c. <p style=“colorblue”>BLUE<font>
    d. none of these is correct
  20. Which of the following denotes an ending tag?
    a. a backslash \
    b. a question mark ?
    c. a forward slash /
    d. none of these
  21. The href attribute is used to tell the …
    a. Computer to display HTML
    b. Allow the tags to appear as source code
    c. Browser to link where it needs to
    d. None of these
  22. Which of the following tags are needed to create a numbered list?
    a. <ul>, <li>, </li>, </ul>
    b. <ol>, <li>, </li>, </ol>
    c. <ol>, </ol>
    d. <ul>, </ul>
  23. Which of the following creates small text for a heading?
    a. <h1>
    b. <h6>
    c. <h4>
    d. <h5>
  24. What will
    a. Color the text in the document yellow
    b. Color the background of the page yellow
    c. Color the text in the first sentence yellow
    d. Nothing
  25. Which of the following codes is written correctly?
    a. <p style=color:red;>I am red</p>
    b. <p style=“color:red;>I am red</p>
    c. <p style=color:red;>I am red<p>
    d. <p style=“color:red;”>I am red</p>
  26. The <p> tags do what?
    a. Inserts parentheses in your document
    b. Inserts paragraphs into the document
    c. Inserts formatting in your document
    d. Inserts programming into the document
  27. What is HTML?
    a. Markup Language
    b. Hyper Language
    c. Region Language
    d. Common Language
  28. Which of the following tag is used to mark the beginning of a paragraph?
    a. <td>
    b. <br>
    c. <p>
    d. <h1>
    e. <b>
  29. HTML was developed by …
    a. Tim Berners Lee
    b. Bill Gates
    c. Steve Jobs
    d. Mark Zuckerberg
  30. Which Software is required to write HTML source code?
    1. Ms. Word
    2. Web Browser
    3. Ms. Excel
    4. Notepad
    5. Code Editor
  31. How many levels of heading tag are there?
    1. 4
    2. 1
    3. 6
    4. 2
    5. 7
  32. _____ tag is used to give a title to our web page
    1. <head>
    2. <html>
    3. <title>
    4. <body>
    5. <footer>
  33. We can change the color, size, and style of the text with
    1. <style>
    2. <color>
    3. <font>
    4. <size>
  34. We can make our text appear in bold using this tag:
    1. <b>
    2. <i>
    3. <u>
    4. all of the above
  35. What types of lists are created in HTML?
    1. Ordered List
    2. Definition List
    3. Unordered List
    4. Nested List
  36. How does one close an HTML tag?
    1. </>
    2. >_<
    3. {/}
    4. <\>
  37. Which of these is NOT a valid HTML element?
    1. <img>
    2. <h1>
    3. <p>
    4. <h7>
  38. HTML is used to create what?
    1. Mobile Apps
    2. Webpages
    3. Programs
    4. Animations
  39. Which HTML element defines the title of documents?
    1. <titles>
    2. <html>
    3. <title>
    4. <idk>
  40. What’s at the start of every HTML document?
    1. <html>
    2. your name
    3. <body>
  41. Which one of these tags is the link element tag?
    1. <a>
    2. <link>
    3. <href>
    4. <url>
  42. What is the command to create a TABLE in HTML?
    1. <t>
    2. <table>
  43. In the HTML box model, this goes between the border and the content
    1. Padding
    2. Margin
    3. Border
    4. Content
  44. The HEAD section is the only place you’d find this HTML tag
    1. <p>
    2. <title>
    3. <img>
    4. <a href>
  45. What is the correct HTML for making a checkbox?
    1. <input type=“check”>
    2. <checkbox>
    3. <check>
    4. <input type=“checkbox”>
  46. What is the correct HTML for making a text input field?
    1. <input type=“text”>
    2. <textfield>
    3. <input type=“textfield”>
    4. <textinput type=“text”>
  47. What is the correct HTML for making a drop-down list?
    1. <list>
    2. <select>
    3. <input type=“list”>
    4. <input type=“dropdown”>
  48. HTML comments start with
    1. True
    2. False
    3. I have no idea
    4. Please don’t make me code
    5. IDK
  49. Which of the following programming languages is NOT used in web design?
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. C++
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